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Component 2a. Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport

Component 2b. Establishing a Culture for Learning


Student Teaching Experience (4th Grade)

 *This picture shows a hallway display that I created during my student teaching placement.


During my student teaching placement in Ms. Gensel's fourth grade classroom at Paxtonia Elementary in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania I created an environment of respect and rapport with my students by meeting with each student on an individual basis during my time in the classroom. I wanted to establish a positive relationship with each student, so they knew that they could come to me with any concerns or issues they were having. When I become a teacher, I will make it a point to meet with all of my students one one one during the first week of school to establish a rapport with them. During my student teaching placement, I also let the students know that they could come to me before school or during dismissal time to work on homework, or to get help with any concepts that they were having difficulty with. A lot of students did come to me with homework questions or just used this time to tell me what was going on in their lives. In my eight weeks with these students I definitely believe I established an environment of respect and rapport, as well as established a culture for learning in the classroom.


Below are letters that my students wrote to me on my last day, as well as pictures from two events that occured during my fourth grade student teaching experience.

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