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Component 4c. Communicating with Families

Component 4f. Showing Professionalism


Newsletter and Welcome Letter (1st Grade)


Communication between the teacher and families is an essential component for learning to take place and to successfully educate children. Sending letters home with students is very important as it keeps families informed of what is happening in the classroom. During my classroom management class, I created a newsletter and welcome letter that would be sent home to families during the first week of school. In my future classroom, before the start of the school year, I plan on sending home a welcome letter to the students and their families. I want my students and their families to know that they can contact me anytime with any concerns they might have. I also plan on sending weekly newsletters home with my students to keep the families informed of upcoming school and community events, homework, and fun activities. I look forward to working with families to help their students succeed in the classroom and be the best they can be.


To see a copy of the newsletter and welcome letter, please click the links below. The newsletter and welcome letter are previewed in the gallery below.



Welcome Letter.pdf


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.