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Component 3b. Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques

Component 3c. Engaging Students in Learning

Component 3e. Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness


Math Co-Teaching Lesson Demonstration (1st Grade)


I co-taught a first grade math lesson to other pre-service teachers on double addition facts. The demonstration focused on becoming comfortable with and learning how to teach with another teacher. This lesson incorporated a variety of manipulatives, which helped differentiate instruction for the different levels of students in the classroom. The lesson began with a song that activated the students' minds, engaged them in the lesson, and introduced them to the concept of a double addition fact. In the lesson, the students created their own double addition fact picture cards, that were based on pre-made picture cards that were modeled by the teachers. At the end of the lesson, students were given a math box to complete for homework that reviewed what they would have learned the day before, today, as well as introduced the next lesson concept. 


For a look at the full lesson plan, please click the link below. The gallery below shows the lesson plan, the song that went along with the lesson, the picture cards worksheet, and the Math Boxes homework worksheet.


Double Addition Facts Math Lesson.pdf


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.