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Finding Our Talents 



Every individual has talents that he or she can discover and develop throughout his or her lifetime.  These talents are gifts that can be used to improve an individual's community and society as a whole.  


Helping students to recognize their unique gifts in academics and other areas comprises one of the greatest rewards of teaching.  Through realizing their individual gifts, students feel a greater sense of accomplishment.  As a teacher, I hope to inspire my students to embrace their talents and understand the importance of sharing those talents with others.  


I know that inspiring my students will begin with me sharing my own talents.  In addition to sharing my passion for teaching, I hope to incorporate my love of art and writing into my instruction.  As a Maryland Distinguished Scholar of the Visual Arts Honorable Mention, I have always enjoyed creating realistic art pieces that reflect the beauty of nature and life. 


I also possess a strong passion for writing across genres.  Not only do I enjoy the challenge of creating characters and a setting that capture the attention of a particular audience, but I also value writing as an opportunity to share my beliefs regarding important topics affecting education and society.  I hope to someday combine my passion for writing and art into children's books.  I know that my classroom will serve as a place where I can further develop these talents and share them with my students.   


*Click on the subheadings to view samples of my writing and my art portfolios.* 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.