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Domain 1: Planning and Preparation


In order to educate students effectively in the classroom, one must have a strong understanding of the knowledge and content that the students are expected to learn. A teacher must be able to create lessons that have a specific purpose in mind and reflect a clear understanding of how that lesson aligns with the curriculum and standards of the district. However, in order to be truly effective, a teacher must realize that to teach well she must also get to know her students. The students in a classroom present with different needs and learning styles that a teacher must take into account when planning each lesson.


1a. Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy

1b. Demonstrating Knowledge of Students

1c. Setting Instructional Outcomes

1d. Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources

1e. Designing Coherent Instruction

1f. Designing Student Assessments


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.