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Kidwatching Project


During my junior block experience in a second grade classroom, I completed a project in which I had to observe the students in the classroom and pick one student who seemed to be struggling with reading. After I chose a student from the classroom, I began taking anecdotal records on her during different times of the day. I also did reading and writing interviews and miscue analysis with this student to determine which areas in particular she would need individual instruction in. This project really required me to carefully watch the way this student learned to be able to determine how to best move forward in her reading instruction.


Table of Contents:

I. Narrative Report

     a. Background Information

     b. Reading and Writing Analysis

II. Data Collection

     a. Anecdotal Records

     b. Interviews

     c. Reading Analysis

     d. Writing Analysis

III. Reflection


Kidwatching Narrative.pdf

 Reading and Writing Analysis.pdf

Anecdotal Records:


Reading and Writing Interviews:


Reading Analysis:


Miscue Coding.pdf

Writing Analysis:

Writing Sample Analysis.pdf

Kidwatching Reflection.pdf



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.