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Domain 2: The Classroom Environment


In order for any learning to take place in the classroom, a teacher must establish a positive classroom environment for students to learn and grow in. For this to happen, the teacher must consider the physical aspects of a classroom, how to manage and convey expectations, and how to create a rapport with students and among students. It is imperative that a teacher express caring and respect for the students who come to her classroom each day. In doing this, the students will feel that their classroom is a safe place to express their ideas and participate in the larger classroom community. In this setting, high expectations are held for all, and the students will reach up to meet these expectations.


2a. Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport

2b. Establishing a Culture for Learning

2c. Managing Classroom Procedures

2d. Managing Student Behavior

2e. Organizing Physical Space

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.