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Component 3c: Engaging Students in Learning

Shape Characteristics Bingo

3rd grade

After several days of learning about the characteristics of 2d and 3d shapes, students were engaged in a game of bingo. At the beginning of the class, students generated three or four unique characteristics about the shape that they were assigned. Next, I took all the characteristics that students generated and one by one placed them on the doc cam. Only one characteristic was revealed about the shape at a time as students in the class needed to figure out what shape I was describing. After all the characteristics were read aloud, I placed the shape on the board to show all students what shapes were called. 

While students were generating the characteristics of the shapes, they were placed in groups of three. Each group needed to develop the characteristics for three different shapes. When presented with a 3-dimensional shape, students were provided with a 3-dimensional model of that particular shape to help them create the unique characteristics. 


 This lesson was a great way for students to play a game, but at the same time they are cognitively involved and learning. Students were able to challenge themselves by trying to figure out the shapes when only given a few characteristics. This was a co-teaching lesson, therefore it flowed nicely because there were two teachers in the room. While students were creating the characteristics, we were able to float around the room to monitor student's progress and assist any students that needed help generating characteristics. Based on the grade level, the pacing of the instruction could vary. This particular lesson was taught to a third grade class so it took longer to generate the characteristics which limited the amount of time we had to play bingo. In the future, I think it would be best to have the students make the characteristics one day, then the next day, students would have more time to play bingo.

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Shape Characteristics Bingo Lesson Plan

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