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Miss Stephanie Sral

Cooperating Teacher for Student Teaching- Elementary Education

Paxtonia Elementary- 5th grade 

Email: ssral@cdschools.org

Reference Letter PDF Link: Stephanie Sral's Letter of Recommendation.pdf





Mr. John Osuch

Student Teaching College Supervisor- Elementary Education

Email: osuchj@etown.edu

Phone Number: (717)-545-6997

Reference Letter PDF Link: John Osuch's Letter of Recommendation.pdf




Tom Toone

Paxtonia Elementary School Principle 

Email: ttoone@cdschools.org

Reference Letter PDF Link:Mr. Toone's Reference Letter.pdf



Mrs. Carroll Tyminski

College Supervisor

Email: tyminscr@etown.edu

Phone Number: (717)-361-1378

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.