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Component 2b: Establishing a Culture for Learning

Positive Learning Environment

All grades

It is essential to establish a culture of learning from the first day with the students. I explain the importance of content both while I am teaching and in the physical aspects of the classroom. Every lesson has an essential question that students will be able to answer as a result of the lesson. These questions are hung on a bulletin board in the class. The bulletin board displays the unit essential question, lesson essential questions, and a vocabulary wall. While teaching, I portray enthusiasm because if I am bored teaching it, students are going to be bored learning. Another bulletin board in the classroom emphasized the importance of reading by creating an interesting bulletin board with penguins sliding into a good book.  I also have placed posters that encourage students to work hard, be respectful, and show perseverance. This emphasizes the expectation of achievement as well as how to treat other students. For my social studies unit, I created a bulletin board to highlight key events throughout the American Revolution.


Especially for a project, I stressed the point that students need to take pride in their work. As a final project, students needed to complete a RAFT assignment for the book George Washington’s Socks. I wanted students to be proud of their final copy, therefore, I told students to revise their work and edit it for spelling errors. While grading the projects, I provide positive feedback to those students whose effort in their work was evident. Other students were given constructive feedback on how to improve on their future schoolwork.

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Encouraging Reading Bulletin Board

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