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Component 4c: Communicating with Families 

Family Newsletter and Classroom Blog

What I have gained through my Student Teaching experience is the appreciation for a school where the parents are actively involved. When I have my own classroom, I want to get the parents involved and feel welcomed in my classroom. I have several ways to keep the parents updated on their child's progress as well as on school events. At the end of the summer, I will send home a welcome letter to all the parents of the students in my class welcoming the students as well as the parents. In the letter, I will provide contact information, school supplies, as well as encouraging parents to get involved. With that letter, I will also send a letter specially to the students introducing myself as well as discuss some of the key topics we will be learning that school year.


  Another way to communicate with families is through a monthly newsletter. In the newsletter, I will include upcoming events, birthdays, classroom memos, and the key topics we will be covering that month. My cooperating teacher uses a class website to inform parents of grades as well as nightly homework assignments. I personally think that this is a great idea. In my education technology class, I created a sample classroom blog. On the website, I posted what students learned in class as well as websites and ideas parents can use to connect with their children. This blog only features content covered in science class, but in the future, I would incorporate every subject matter into the blog.



Blog Website: Ms. Nevitt's Online Classroom

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Family Newsletter

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