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Component 2c: Managing Classroom Procedures

Establishing Rules, Routines, and Procedures

3rd grade


During a course I took on classroom management, I created an outline of how to establish procedures and routines in a 3rd grade classroom. Procedures and routines need to be established within this first week of school to maximize instruction time and minimize time spent on transitions. While making the classroom rules, I want my students to be a part of creating process. Then, I will state the rules for the classroom using positive language. 

The routines for the day also need to be established and practiced in order for the classroom to run smoothly and effectively. There are several times during the day that there need to be routines for the students. The most chaotic times are at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day. Therefore, I will have clear expectations of what students need to be doing at those times to minimize the noise level in the room. Any time students are leaving or returning to the classroom as a large group, there needs to be clear expectations for the students such as a calm, straight, quiet line or getting to their seat quietly and getting out what they need for that subject. No matter what age students are, there needs to be rules, procedures, and routines inside and outside the classroom to maximize time spent on instruction.

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How to Establish Classroom Rules

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