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1B. Demonstrating Knowledge of Students

4th Grade: Kid-Watching Project


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Kidwatching Report

Kid-Watching Data, Miscue Analysis, Student Work


Kid-Watching Project: I worked closely with one particular child in my 4th grade placement who was identified as a struggling reader at the beginning of the year by my cooperating teacher.  Through the duration of my placement, I conducted anecdotal observations and reading and writing interviews in order to become familiarized with this student.  I learned about his views on reading and writing, the strategies that he uses while reading/writing, and his overall feelings about language arts.  I also worked one-on-one with this child, guiding him through a Houghton Mifflin Leveled Reading passage, which entailed the student demonstrating unaided recall and required him to answer a series of comprehension questions.  Using the student’s inaccuracies while reading, I conducted a miscue analysis, which I later used to in combination with other data to complete a reading analysis, writing analysis, and reflection essay.  These artifacts highlighted this child’s particular skills and how I would instruct him further.

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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.