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Miss Eyer's Profesional Portfolio!


 My name is Lauren Eyer and I graduated from Elizabethtown College in May of 2018.  I have my certification in both PK-4 and 5+6. I am currently employed at School District of Lancaster as a fourth grade teacher.


I believe it important to create a community of learners and an environment where all students can succeed. In order to reach all learners in the classroom, assignments and tasks should be differentiated . All students learn differently and have different needs and their assigments should reflect this and allow for choice. 


During my first year of teaching, I was presented an award for launching the second most nearpod lessons in the school district. Technology is important in the classroom. When used effectively, technology enhances students learning



 My portofolio is organized according to Charlotte Danielson's Framework for teaching. I have included artifacts demonstrating my proficiency in the following domains: Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities. 


Thank you for your time!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Lauren Eyer

(717) 598-1271


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.