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Alicia Klepper



Elementary/Middle Level Education

Science Concentration

 Elizabethtown College

Welcome to my electronic portfolio! My name is Alicia Klepper. In May of 2013, I will be graduating from Elizabethtown College with a Bachelors of Science in Elementary/Middle Level Education. Although I am certified to teach all four subjects, I have a concentration in science. 

From a young age, it had always been my dream to teach others. In Kindergarten, I would approach parents of my peers and explain how their children where improving in certain areas. My experiences in school strengthened my passion for learning and growing as an individual. In middle school, I had a teacher that infused her passion of science into the class. For that moment on, I knew that I wanted to spread my own passion for learning and science and to inspire others!

As a teacher, I believe in utilizing a variety of teaching strategies and techniques to address the diverse needs of all students. I incorporate unique and creative activities, simulations, demonstrations, and assessments in order to engage each student. In order to encourage all students to participate in every lesson, I develop an environment of respect and rapport with my students. Every students' ideas and contributions are value. Students are also encouraged to take risks as they investigate and experiment to explore the science content.

In addition, I believe in continual growth and reflection as a professional. After each lesson, I take the time to reflect on the components of the lesson that could be improved and that could stay the same. I find it vital to not only reflect on my teaching but also to develop concrete and realistic steps to improve. I also attend and present at various conferences and workshops. These experiences provide me with opportunities to network with other professionals and to gain new, creative ideas to utilize in my own classroom. As a teacher, I desire to constantly grow as a individual and reflect on my teaching.

Please take the time to explore my electronic portfolio, in which I have included artifacts that relate to Danielson's four domains. The artifacts depict my strengths and skills as an educator.


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