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Welcome to Miss Gehly's E-Portfolio!


"Education is not the preparation for life;

education is life itself." ~John Dewey

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Hello! My name is Samantha Gehly and I am currently a graduate student at Elizabethtown College. I currently hold my Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education and will receive my Master's Degree in Special Education this coming May 2018.


Throughout this portfolio, my goals for collaborationactive and hands-on learning, inclusion, and continual mindfulness are evident. Please feel free to look further at the domains and any of the included artifacts that support my educational philosophy as I strive to meet the needs of all my students. All domains are constructed using Danielson's Framework for Teaching.


Be sure to check out my "Special Ed." tab for lessons and examples from my special education graduate experiences.


Beyond my major, I am an active member of Elizabethtown’s campus. I am a member of CEC (Council for Exceptional Children), CRU (Elizabethtown's Campus Crusade for Christ), overnight host for prospective students, and an athlete on both the cross country and track & field teams. While being a part of these teams for the past five years, I have gained experience of being a student-athlete by managing time for sports and academics, as well as developing leadership skills. Essentially, I have learned how to be successful while working with others in order to reach a team success.


Feel free to contact me with any questions at gehlys@gmail.com.

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