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At Littlestown Area School District, our district required everyone to develop an individual goal setting plan in one of the four domains of Charlotte Danielson.  The domain that I chose to develop my goal setting plan was Classroom Enviornment.  The focused non-negotiable was classroom managment and the focused components of the domain were managing classroom procedures and management of instructional groups, materials, and supplies.  In my daily schedule for teaching kindergarten, I had three time blocks where I incorporated small group instruction which were small group reading, learning centers, and math centers.  Many factors had to be methodically planned and incorporated in regards to small group instruction.  The factors that I had to consider were:  rules, routines, procedures, groupings, pairings, schedules, materials, resources, activities, and organization of the classroom.


Individual Goal Setting Plan.pdf

Groupings, Activities, and Schedules.pdf

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Individual Goal Setting Plan for Managing Classroom Procedures and Management of Instructional Groups, Materials, and Supplies

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