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Shaving Cream Spelling



While in my student teaching placement, I was finding that I needed more techniques to make spelling interesting as well as increasing spelling scores. I was finding that a lot of the spelling words were not generalizing to the students' writing pieces. I remembered a multi-sensory technique that we practiced in my special education methods block. After talking with my cooperating teacher about logistics, I decided to implement the shaving cream spelling lesson. After teaching this lesson, I am more prepared and willing to try lessons that may be challenging because of the time spent preparing and cleaning up the materials. The lesson was very successful, and  the other second grade teachers told me how their students were begging them to do the same thing.

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Lesson Plan:



Wednesday, Day 3


PA Standard: 1.5.2.F Use grade appropriate conventions of language when writing and editing.

  • Spell common, frequently used words correctly.

NL CC: Communication Arts 1.3 Students will demonstrate advanced knowledge of the Alphabet Principle, the ability to associate sounds with letters and use these sounds to form words.


Objective: 1. Students will be able to categorize their spelling words into groups based on words that are associated with the spelling words. They will demonstrate this with student Practice Book page 53.

2. Students will write their 12 spelling words using their fingers in shaving cream on their desks.

Essential Question: How can I predict the meaning of a word based on categories of words? How does writing in shaving cream help me to remember the spelling of my words?


Assessment: Student practice book page 53 will be checked for correctness. Monitor student spelling during the shaving cream spelling activity.


Materials: Practice book page 53, shaving cream, paper towels

Procedure: 1. Students will complete practice book page 53 individually- assist students with numbers 4 and 7.

2. Stamp correct practice book pages before the students can enter into “winter wonderland.”

3. When students are finished with the page tell them to put everything in their desks, tell students that we need to clean off our desks before moving on.

4. Explain the next activity and how they need to act with the shaving cream.

5. Squirt shaving cream on each desk and model how to spell the words in the cream and then erase.

6. Have students use two fingers on their dominant hand to spell each spelling word at least three times. 7. Students will clean off their desks by wiping off the shaving cream with a dry paper towel and then they will use a wet paper towel from the back.

8. Close the lesson by having the students verbally spell each word.

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